Become Your Own Champion

In my therapy sessions, I'm always struck by how much people are thwarted by other people's negativity and criticism.  Such erases or diminishes joy in our lives.

A parent puts you down with hurting words. A friend doesn't approve of your passion. Your ex is sending you bad vibes and texts. A business partner is double-crossing you.

And then, you find your self dwelling on negative energy. You're possessed!

Such state of "possession" can affect you, creating anxiety, depression, fear, or physical dis-ease.

Time to train your self to become your own champion. When you champion your self, no one else can diminish or degrade you.

What do you do to become your own champion?

Here are some psychotherapeutic strategies that benefit me and those who see me:

•  If someone is sending you negative thoughts, words, or energy, deflect them. Avoid dwelling on them. Paying attention to negativity gives it influence over you.

•  Don't lead a thought or emotional life based on assuming that others' negativity can harm you. This perpetuates anxiety or fear.

•  Know and deal with what stops you to be your own champion. A common culprit is the wounded child you carry within.

•  Center on the strength of your inner self. Nurture it. It's the best defense against any negativity.

It's really up to you to do what it takes to be your own champion. In dark, negative periods - yours or other people's - be especially wise and active.

"The darkness declares the glory of the light."  (T.S. Eliot)