Brain Health is Mental Health

The brain is human's most important organ. It's our body's main control center.

Some of life's deepest mental and emotional pain comes from the damaged health of the brain.

It's common to see people in trauma doing things that reduce the ability of the brain to process or cope.

Escapist things, like getting drunk, taking drugs, or over eating.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 10 habits that damage the brain, namely:

1.  No breakfast
2.  Sleep deprivation
3.  Overeating
4.  Air pollution
5.  Smoking
6.  Too much sugar
7.  Working during illness
8.  Oxygen deficit
9.  Talking rarely
10. Lack of stimulating thoughts

I think there could be more that can be added to WHO's list. But it's a good start for us to realize how much our brain needs health care.

One time, a couple sent to me their 33 year old son to undergo therapy. They were severely concerned about their son's chronic gambling and bankruptcy.

My problem was, he'd always eat, drink, smoke, and even take shabu prior to our sessions. So, in therapy, he's like "throwing darts in the dark."

Thus he found himself sleepy, having headaches, and feeling bad during talks. His brain could not function enough for needed cognitive therapy.

With damaged brain health, the psychotherapy treatment path indeed can be slow, exasperating, and even horrific.

Brain health is mental health. They go together.