The Lighthouse You Need

I love the lighthouse.

For me, it’s beauty rests in helping a traveler to center and protect himself.

It warns you of danger and guides you safely you on your way.

Inside our mind, the “lighthouse” is that still point for the centering and protection of self.

No matter what is happening.

In our daily life, we make choices in both extreme and ordinary circumstances. It’s through these choices where our mental “lighthouse” has potent ramifications.

Begin by asking your self, “What in my inner self and life throws me off center?”

An ex-lover said to Melinda, “You won’t get another man to get interested at or love you. You’ll never be successful in anything.”

Did Melinda buy into it? Will her energy dim as a result?  It depends on how her inner “lighthouse” is able to center and protect her self.

Dealing with an intrusive parent. An abusive or betraying spouse. A controlling boss. A stranger flashing you a dirty look. Or, dire situations involving life and death.

Imagine being able to see the light in the darkness ... to center your self ... to protect your self and become unshakeable.

Through your inner “lighthouse,” you tune in. You see right through the dangers. You locate weak spots or triggers within, points that need securing.

You find relief from not being susceptible to being thrown off center. You know exactly why and what to say and do to bring out the highest good for your life.

There’s nothing like a stable lighthouse to counteract even the biggest, baddest, most traumatic of experiences in your life. Check it out often, within.

“Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, no mariner so lost but what it’s beacon light can rescue.” (Thomas S. Monson)