Accessing Wonder

It can be a wonderful life. Each one of us deserves it.

But it looks to me that we’ve been missing our natural gift to access wonder and beauty in our everyday.

We walk around in a hurry. Heads down, sideways, or fixed. Glued to our smartphones or other devices. Worried by a myriad of things.

Creativity author Tiu de Haan once defined wonder as “ a delight in the possibilities of existence, awe, a sense of adventure and curiosity ...”

I like that picture. Wonder is accessible. Kids, lovers, creatives, the spiritual, even those in emotional trauma can access wonder if there’s openness to its consciousness.

Each day, after my writing and therapy work, I always walk into the wonderland of my own making. Armed with my phone and camera and sometimes a backpack, I set off for the experience from indoors.

In the city streets where I walked, I’m struck by how much around me are just waiting to be truly “noticed.” Sunsets, flowers, cars, bus paints, foods displayed, bright colors of dresses etc

I once had long walks in the seashores and beaches of Thailand where I had a client. I settled and deliberated on resistance and rejection, “Will my client be more open, receptive, and improve?”

Wandering around amid nearby Buddhist altars and temples until a passing little boat leaped out of my vision in the seashore.

It whispered, “This too shall pass. Keep moving on.” The passing little boat was a “wonder generator” at a time when I needed it.

Well, that’s grace. A wondrous, transformative moment. I think that if you’re accessing wonder in an intentional way, you’re creating magic and meaning.

Accessing wonder is therapy for the self. It’s a deep discipline. It provides a feeling that a Higher Power is waiting for you to receive gifts and blessings.