Consult Your Body

Each illness has a language. That includes the emotional or mental, not just the physical. So what I’m trying to say is, things have life and they speak.

Mind and body align to heal. When they’re misaligned, they create sickness. To miss this natural fact is a great omission.

Take my client Gracia, a genius lawyer. She experiences manic highs and many times would fool around. Get casual partners for sex. Drink a lot in bars. Take shabu.

Hardly could she accept her manic soars and addictions during sober moments. She knows she’s putting poison into her system.

In non-sober moments, she’s simply out of touch with her self and would gladly go naked all the way. Thus, resulting in crushing mania, depression, and panic.

One of Gracia’s counterpoints in her therapy work is consulting her body. Listening to it and the language it speaks. Learning to be in his body.

My aim was to center her, while keeping a freer or lighthearted tone. While processing with her, I’d ask about how her hands, face, feet, stomach, finger tips etc feel.

You see, Gracia had to grasp what her body was telling her. What her body was saying is not completely explainable by science, medicine, or psychology.

Gradually, she discovered a spiritual meaning to her body and behavior experiences. By tuning in to what her body is saying, very gently, it rekindled senses that brought her to see and move beyond them.

I believe God was in us when He created our bodies. He made us in His own image, as Scripture says. He breathed into our bodies a natural spirit that we can’t live without.

In healing everything from loss to depression to low self esteem, it’s important to consult the body as well. Not just what it’s telling, medically or biochemically.

Way what’s most will solve the problem is to read the language of our body with an attitude of spirituality to achieve complete wellness with fresh eyes.

This will be the most enduring therapy.