Driving the Ghosts Away

How do you heal a haunted house? Drive the ghosts away?

In ancient Chinese literature, you find an answer:  you move into it a happy family.

The happy family just goes about their life with joys and community. Loving. Caring. Truthful.

When faced by ghosts, strange sounds, apparitions or things swirling around inside the haunted house, members of the happy family simply don’t bother.

Isn’t that so cool?

I imagine how the ghosts can get tired of the happy family. Little by little, they’re driven away from the house. The concentrated energy of the happy family does wonders.

Inner demons. Strange sounds of thoughts and feelings. Fears. Don’t panic or get overwhelmed by the havoc they bring in.

Do as the happy family did.

Be aware of your inner strengths and resources. Express your joy and resolve to counteract even the most damaging, unsettling, hurting circumstances or people in your life.

There’s nothing like focus on your power and beyond to a higher One. In driving away those ghosts and goblins invisibly inhabiting your haunted house within.

Indeed, when you get down to it, there’s a bottom-line answer:  if haunted by inner ghosts, come from the depths of your heart and spirit.

Healing your “inner haunted house” lies in your heart-centered and Spirit-centered focus. That’s where the real haven is.