Getting Unstuck

Change is painful.

But nothing is more painful than being stuck in a life where you continue to harm your self and not grow. You don’t belong there.

It’s easy to get stuck. Unable to move on, take action, or make a decision.

After a series of failures in business, my client Donald just chose to stay home. He couldn’t have the energy any more to look for oppprtunities or work.

Naturally, his wife feels sad and depressed about his condition. She too finds her self stuck through her husband’s lingering cycle.

Donald is immobilized. His low self-worth is blocking him to move on. He worries a lot. He judges himself harshly.

Maybe you yourself have experienced being disappointed with  how your circumstances turned out. And you just felt too hard to move on.

Once when I was much younger, I too got stuck like Donald. House-bound, nursing emotional trauma wounds. I just waited for things to happen to me.

Then one day, a ray of light passed through my heart. I found a major key: life-purpose. I explored and reassessed things that make me feel alive.

My life-purpose key opened the way for me to get unstuck. Let go of the past. Change my perspective. Make small changes. Believe in my self and my Higher Power.

With my reframed life-purpose, I received bountiful energy. I experienced great inspiration pursuing things that I’m passionate about and willing to fight for.

Indeed, moving on doesn’t happen to us. It happens from within us.

That’s how to get unstuck.