Healing Your Self Image

Many of us have this: a poor or inadequate self image. It’s a common source of self sabotage, emotional breakdowns, and damaging life choices.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his The Magic Power of Self Image Psychology, writes:

“The greater the level of self confidence a person has, the more he can practice humility. It is the person with low self esteem who puts on a false front of pretense and an air of pride. There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

What’s your mental image of you? It can nurture you or lead you to harm.

Too many people have lies or wrong messages imprinted in the bio-computers of their brains. They act out what they think and feel about themselves. Often, unconsciously, outside awareness.

So we go there - the unconscious. The automatic machine that responds to what we feed it - good or bad, success or failure.

Visualization and auto-suggestion are techniques that can be used to help heal your self image.

For example, you may look in the mirror and say:

“I can handle things today. I have 3 priorities to work on. And I believe I can achieve them. I have tremendous energy today.”

Visualize that as vivid as you can with full emotion and senses. Suggest that to your self in full force.

You may feel silly. But your unconscious is paying attention!

If you’re able to use these techniques constantly, your unconscious will “buy” your voice. And helps you develop new habits of thinking and feeling about your self.

It takes time. It takes single mindedness to change and heal your self image. It takes practice.

As you do, you find the best you have in you.