Is Your Language Accurate?

Language is important to our personal psychology.

Everybody has core struggles or fears. The use of language is basic to making sense of them.

Without truthful language, we end up dysfunctional. The lies we tell ourselves only perpetuate the exaggerations and irrationalities within that harm our minds.

Last night, Sarah, a pretty 30-year-old client, was using language to me that she got used to.

She said she never felt pretty and would withdraw socially when in the company of beautiful women. Her language bears no resemblance to reality.

“Look at you, you’re not that pretty,” Sarah vividly remembered her father saying when she was still a child. That’s how language got her mentally boxed in.

“He who has real power is also capable of determining concepts and words,” once wrote a Nazi writer Carl Schmitt.

Identifying the roots of your emotional wounds takes you all the way down to a ghost. It’s found in the machine of language unexamined.

Parents and “original caregivers” originally shaped us through their words and language. You may not have read Schmitt but their words is textbook Schmitt language.

In the vulnerable mind of a child, it is what Mom or Dad says it is.

Listen deeply then. Examine your language. Know how you speak to your self. Truth and wisdom is the reward you get for that.

If you begin with the promise to your self that you’ll do this language task, you’ll heal. Your prior insecurities and fears will soon disappear or appear tiny.

Your new language re-shapes your life in positive, healthy ways.