J-Lo’s Act

While having my morning coffee, I saw J-Lo in The Philippine Star. She’s into her “Second Act,” her first film in three years.

She learned that in show business, you can’t just sit around waiting for opportunities. You create the opportunities your self.

J-Lo said, “I’ve been offered a couple of movies over the past couple of years but unless it’s  the right thing and I get the right types of opportunities, I’d rather create them.”

“We don’t force things, but don’t wait around either ... if no one is giving us the stories that we want to tell, then we’ll create them ourselves,” she continued.

That’s self-actualizing Mental Health. You take responsibility over authoring your own life. As my favorite writer Jeff Goins put it, “Pick your self. Don’t wait for others to pick you.”

In recovering from trauma to loss to depression and low self esteem, the same life-giving healing principle applies as well.

You don’t just wait and sit around. You create your own opportunities to survive ... and thrive. You take responsibility in taking action to heal and be whole.

Once that’s done, you’re on your way. There’s simply no other way, my friend.