Vanquish Your Enemies

A healing life requires positivity. Courage, hope, faith. But before you acquire that, you need to bite the bullet first. To vanquish your psychological enemies.

Usually, these enemies take the form of negative voices. They live inside the head. You must recognize them before you can defeat them.

I’m thinking of picking up some of these enemies inside the head. See if you can recognize them, especially when they apply in your life.

•  “I’m no good.”
•  “What’s the use? I’ll just give up.”
•  “Pity me. Poor me!”
•  “Why me?”
•  “I’m hopeless, powerless.”
•  “I don’t deserve anything.”
•  “I’m never enough.”
•  “I’m destined to be like my father/mother.”
•  “I hate my self.”

I suppose you can add more to my list. Fill in the blanks more.

Expose these enemies. These are false, life-damaging beliefs. Hold nothing back. Go straight for the kill. Samurai it. In quick deadly blows.

Remember, they tend to come back. So you need to be ready with your sword. Don’t buy into the fear again. Keep doing battle ... till they disappear.