When Tiredness Causes Emotional Problems

Weary. Exhausted. Little or no more vitality. No drive or ambition. Waning energy. No desire for jokes. A sense of helplessness.

Translate: TIREDNESS. And when it’s chronic, it can automatically produce all sorts of emotional problems.

Negative thinking. Boredom. Confusion. Despair. Hopelessness.

She’s been severely tired for so long. Belinda’s chronic conditio was directly caused by overexertion, hardwire, and going without sleep working in the BPO and having marital/family problems.

Whatever she did feels to be a burden. As a result of the tiredness and bad living habits, Belinda at 30 suffered from multiple medical illnesses and mental health problems.

In session, Belinda complained about her life - unaware that she’s causing much of it by being too tired to enjoy being alive.

There are practical solutions to life-damaging tiredness. Here are some:

•  Get wise on self care, develop good living habits.

•  Sleep well enough, even getting extra sleep to pay back deficits.

•  Review your food habits, eat healthy, take vitamins and supplements when necessary.

•  Change pace, such as in work and other schedules.

•  Shift career to follow your “bliss,” to do what you really like to do, making a life rather than making a living.

•  Seek therapy and counseling to know the roots of your emotional problems and heal essentially.