Doing Your Self-Care

Therapists speak a lot about “self-care.” It’s being aware of your overall health condition and taking responsibility to take care of it.

It’s a serious matter.

Because if you don’t, you’ll surely break down. Sooner or later. And, you hurt the people you love or trying to serve.

Self-care is not merely physical or material. Such as the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get, or the exercise your body needs.

It equally means addressing and meeting your own psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. So, they don’t get in the way of your relationships and quality’s of life.

It’s honoring your pace physically so you can be fully present in the daily activities you do. It’s managing the use of your energy, so you’ll have room for what feeds your soul as well.

Your healing and wholeness requires that you pause long enough to feel your own life, assess your relationships, and work through necessary changes.

Ask some questions to begin thinking about your self-care:

• How often do you sleep well?

• What vegetables and fruits do you eat each week on a regular basis?

• How do you feel physically in general?

• What do you do when alone to get still and quiet your self?

• Who are the ones in your support system and how do you receive nurture from them?

• What do you do for fun and recreation?

• What activities do you have to feed your soul?