New Has Come, Old is Gone

We all have another new year. And every time, an oppprtunity for new beginnings.

Words, thoughts, sounds, smells, places, times of day, relationships, work, anything, can become an index tab to create the new in our lives.

In creating new beginnings, my thoughts revolve around basing it on “stable, meaningful facts” as basic reference point. 

That is, we’re primarily guided by truth, especially inside our being. Without truth or “stable, meaningful facts,” we derail our self growth and success.

Yesterday, I was counseling a wealthy businessman who’s confused about what to do with his marriage and existence. At a point of breakdown, he longed for a fresh start.

Problem is, he had too many facts. He got smothered in data. Even strangier is, most true facts he knows were virtually useless!

He needed “meaning,” relevance in the facts he uses in his quest for new beginnings. 

I’m reminded of a colleague in a college where I once taught. He’s overeducated, with two Ph.Ds. Degrees he had - but not in data which concern practical and effective daily living and work.

Buying a computer book with 500 pages full of true data may be of little help in repairing your laptop. 20 pages may actually be enough to fully meet your needs.

New has come, old is gone. 

For a healthy new beginning to come, we see to it that we don’t permit insecure, meaningless, or overload of data to become established.

Doing this corrects false data and prevent unnecessary emotional pain and suffering.

One definition of sanity, as writer Charles Sturge put it:  “the ability to tolerate confusion and to recognize a stable datum.”