Wellness expands when you have this.

We have a fast-growing revolution.

In recent decades, tens of medical schools in the U.S. offer a spirituality course “Faith and Medicine” as part of the regular curriculum. Prestigious schools such as John Hopkins, Brown, Loyola, University of Chicago, among others.

The objective is to introduce medical students early in their education to the interconnections among spirituality, healing, and prevention.

In the field of clinical psychology, a major research university, Columbia University, blends psychotherapy and spirituality in its academic program.

This is pretty revolutionary for me. The word S was never mentioned when I was in premed and psychology graduate school myself.

In my years as a psychotherapist, I’ve witnessed that, for the faithless, healing is extraordinarily difficult and slow.

Atheists or the nominally religious don’t actually believe in anything beyond the visible. Even in themselves, despite evidences.

For those with intuition and spirituality, not just clinical therapy, they’re the ones who have clarity to draw on. They progress significantly, their wellness easily expands.

About this enduring mystery of our humanity, Albert Einstein said it well: “Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust - we all dance to the mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”

I encourage you to investigate this relationship. Seek this before a health crisis hits ... somewhere down the road. It can spell a big difference in saving, healing, your getting truly well.