Beautiful Days While Aging

Donna is an aging woman. She lives alone. Since her husband died 10 years ago, she remains in their house.

Her daughter lives in another country with her husband and kids. They constantly visit her, especially during her birthday and holidays.

I think Donna can be a sensitive and insightful voice for many older women - men too - living alone.

She says, “I love my home. I wake up here each morning and I’m happy that I have just one more day. I don’t know what to do first. What I pray for is to remain in this house as long as I can taking care of myself. I’m just so pleased to be here in this place of mine - writing, reading, quilting, braiding rugs, cooking. I love to cook.”

Of course, a most visible difference in aging women, like Donna, is physical. But those who thrive in this season of life are those who found beauty in their days.

I’m reminded of Alice Walker’s poem “Grace”:

Gives me a day
Too beautiful
I had thought
To stay indoors
and yet
Washing my dishes
My shelves
Throwing out
The wilted
Shrunken garlic
I discover
I am happy
To be inside looking out.
This, I think,
Is wealth.
Just this choosing
Of how
A beautiful day
Is spent.”

Every day in every way. Can be beautiful. It holds unique significance for the later years of life.