One Essential Person

We all need to love and be loved. It’s basic to our humanity, our mental health. From there, we receive and develop the foundations of our sense of worth.

Dr. William Glasser, MD, a psychiatrist founder of Reality Therapy, spoke and wrote of the concept of “one Essential Person.”

He says, “At all times in our lives we must have at least one person who cares about us and for whom we care ourselves. If we do not have this essential person, we will not be able to fulfill our basic needs.”

With almost no effort, you can relate to what Dr. Glasser is pointing out. You can actually build your whole life around that truth.

Without that key one Essential Person in your life to draw strength and resources from, you’ll try desperately to fulfill your needs within the world with varied unrealistic even harmful means.

Years ago, I lost my wife. She died of cancer. Like most widowers, I had longed and grasped for ways essential to the fulfillment of my needs.

Who is my “one Essential Person” then in the midst of the loss, before and after? 

In my book, his name is Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord — the one Essential Person who is essential not only for me but for all of us.

Now see that Dr. Glasser is right - but only up to a point. He’s most likely referring to one Essential Person only in human terms, which lacks completeness and permanency.

No one fellow human being can meet all your needs. We’re all finite. So flawed and limited. We can only do so much.

To accept that reality will help us to move from that temporary dependence to a clear faithful, eternal one Essential Person of Christ.

Do you have this one Essential Person in your life?  Quite frankly, unless we have Him, we don’t have true lasting life. Know Him.

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