Can You Hear the Echoes?


It’s one of human nature’s immutable laws. It says, “You get in return exactly what you give.”

Things simply just come back.

The “law of echoes” applies a lot in life.

The next day when he was about to leave for office, Dan heard his teenage son shouting at his mother.

Dan got angry, slapped his son on the face. The son is used to being slapped frequently by his father through the years.

The result was an “echo.” Pretty embarrassing. Even tragic.

His son, in turn, slapped his mother on the face. Dan wanted his son to be respectful, gentle, patient, and forgiving.

But the son simply can’t! Start with the father!

Alfred Tennyson once said, “Our echoes roll from soul to soul and grow forever and forever.”

That’s a remarkably consistent phenomenon. Children echo their parents. Teachers are usually echoed by their students. Employees are often a reflection of their employer.

If you’re a spouse or loved one who is always negative, severe, blunt, and demanding ... can you guess what usually happens next?

The echo reflects similar manifestations or characteristics. Almost, without exception.

“Treat men exactly as you like them to treat you ... Don’t judge other people and you will not be judged yourselves. Don’t condemn and you will not be condemned. Make allowances for others and people will make allowances for you. Give and men will give to you ... For whatever measure you use with other people, they will use in their dealings with you” (Luke 6:31, 37-38 Philipps).

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