What is Your “One Word?”

Tony Robbins, a world-renowned author and self development expert, once posed an exploratory question to better know our selves and our life’s mission.

“What is the one word that sums up what you want in life, the core value that will drive your decisions?”

This can be a complicated question. Not an easy one to answer. But after pondering about it, I’ve decided that my one word is “ASCENT.”

That one word also happens to be the Spanish meaning of my surname “SUBIDA.”  It means climbing, rising, ascending the heights.

What an apt one word that guides the direction of my life - both human and divine.

The “ascent” or “Subida” value is manifest not only in my own life, but in my psychotherapy practice and books as well.

Essentially, that one word value directs everything I do to help people heal and rise above their adversities and wounds.

It’s my why I choose experiences over owning things. It’s why I focus on the whole of life in location -independent natural settings.

That’s where I believe people can truly rise up.

What about you?

If you can identify your “one word,” it can help you see what you really want in life.

Life is brief. Make  the most of it with your “one word.”

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