Let the “There” Vanish

It’s a creative activity - Psychotherapy. An artist thing. You are the artist. And your life is your art.

Psychotherapy is reviewing, polishing, or re-creating the art in your mind.

We put a lot of fear, illusion, or misunderstanding around the notion of therapy and its process.

We thought it’s a torturous activity. We make a big deal of the pain in it instead of releasing it into the air.

Thinking that way, too many of us therefore don’t even try.

And if we do, we tend to stop, struggle or freeze up unnecessarily.

Then we tell our selves that whatever it is, it can’t be “real.” We fail or are unwilling to debunk the myths and fantasies we got used to.

I’m reminded of an old car I used to drive. There seems a wavery magical spot about it. When it speeded up to get to locations, I felt specially relieved.

The “there” vanished. And I arrived where I wanted to go, with a sense of wellness.

I suppose we might call it satisfaction or accomplishment. But I think it could be more than that. Translate: something better.

The art of life, highlighted in psychotherapy, is simply a thrill. A pure process.

The hidden things you catch out of the corner of your eye - that’s worth pursuing.

What if there’s no such thing as satisfaction or accomplishment?

What if there’s no “there” or “arrival” to drive to?

What if everyone simply lives?

What if life is simply the act and discipline of being ... where all else flows?

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