Moving to Heal and Create

I love writing. And, walking.

Whether writing my books or blogs, my feet are always itching. They seem designed to keep moving. Or else, I’ll soon run out of mental fuel!

I got “itchy feet” syndrome. I feel dry and grumpy when I don’t move my feet enough. I need the movement to fill my mind with ideas to write about.

That’s how I recharge.

Life balance, establishing or restoring it, is what you need to recharge your creative soul. To keep going and inspired when storms hit.

Such good state often demands continuous movement. It’s crucial for cognition and the spirit.

I remember one client, Marissa, who came for severe depression therapy. Right after our initial session, she revived her gym membership.

It’s amazing how that one step expedited her healing process.

She may not had come to her moment of insights in her psychotherapy work without that “movement” that worked for her.

If you’re so hurt or overwhelmed, try walking your feet longer. Take a deep breath and move your body in long strides.

Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, was right.  He once wrote, “Walking is the best medicine.”

The moving is medicine.