Why Do You Break Down?

Breaking down is simply not able "to hold your self together" enough.

Such results in a condition that doesn't allow you to make it through the ordinary requirements of daily life.

That in itself may be manageable, But at times, a breakdown, insignificant though it may seem, can be the beginning of something much more severe.

After she started her high paying job as a nurse in London, Leonora broke down.

Even with the slightest provocation and stresses from a "strict" manager and fellow workers in the hospital, Leonora would get instantly depressed and immobilized.

Just recently, she shared in our session how her "strict" manager has changed and began to be more caring and embracing of her.

That improved Leonora's moods. She admitted experiencing less breakdowns and becoming more productive in the workplace.

I told Leonora of a famous prescription of a noted psychiatrist who said, "Love is the medicine for the ills of humankind."  Her face lit up.

I can say, in general, people break down because there has been some substantial malfunctioning in their experience of love.

This "love malfunction" then makes them inadequately prepared to withstand the stressful situations of life.

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