Beliefs and Body Health

At a recent session I was giving, a woman told me of her deteriorating medical condition. A few months ago, she’s diagnosed with cancer of the colon and skin disorders.

In her own life, she’s been deeply emotionally traumatized. For too long a time, mostly in her intimate relationships.

She’s separated from her husband who abused her physically and psychologically for many years. Since age 5, her parents abandoned and left her to the care of strangers.

Author/psychotherapist Dr. Judith Orloff, in her book “Guide to Intuitive Healing,” speaks of the principle of “be in your body.”

She writes, “You don’t have to act out life’s traumas in your body. It is not necessary to resolve an emotional trauma by getting sick. What happens is this: a trauma - a heartbreak, death, or loss - occurs, then your body intuitively encodes it as energy. If you do your best to deal with this difficulty, you can get a jump on resolving it. If not, the conflict will fester, may translate into physical symptoms or emotional distress.”

Think about it.

Must we develop colon cancer and skin disorders to heal emotional wounds in our lives? That woman did not say, “Ok, to get well I must get this sick!”

The significance of the link of my woman client’s medical illnesses to her emotional traumas poignantly conveys to us the impact of beliefs to our body health.

Belief and body are interrelated. Your body takes in your beliefs, conscious or unconscious. Seriously. Deeply. And essentially.

If you cultivate a belief in something greater than your self when you face crises or traumas, you’ll have a better chance to get healed and whole.

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