You overthink, just let it flow ...


When people undertake therapy or resolving a problem, it’s often not with the agenda of “flow.”

By that, I mean “product-focus” rather than “process-focus.”

With a product-not-process orientation, is it any wonder that one gets blocked and seized by anxiety?

One of the simplest and smartest things we can learn about life is the importance of a sense of flow.

That involves a lot of “process-focus.”

Whenever a client, Paolo, strives to think of getting his first million pesos, he finds himself straining. It becomes something he stretches to achieve instantly.

Such focus brought him to casino gambling. And later, developing a life-damaging addiction to it.

In therapy, Paolo progressively understood and applied the concept of “process-focus” to overcome his addiction.

He developed a better sense of attention and enjoyment in the daily routine of his work ... instead of a sense of strain.

You see, when we “forget ourselves,” it’s easy to flow. Flow is involvement in the process of what you’re doing.

When we let go and settle into the process, we begin to experience the process processing through us to get what we want.

While writing my book, “Secrets of Your Self,” there were times I strained unnecessarily. I got somewhat tired of the long, arduous journey ... forgetting to apply what I preach!

The moment I started to get “casual” and be present in my writing process was the time I wrote very well — and certainly progress more easily.

As E. Paluszak put it, “You’re thinking too much, just let it flow.”

Flow as life flows.

Secrets of Your Self: