When Is It Time to Leave a Relationship?

How do you know that it’s time to end a relationship?

Just last night, a young woman was asking me repeatedly, “Should I stay or leave my marriage?”

Her husband has been continuing his infidelity and emotional verbal abuse of her.

She waited for many months since her discovery of the affair. Yet he goes on committing the same mistake.

On top of that, he keeps blaming, unappreciative of her efforts, and demanding of her to change.

Each marriage experiences rough roads. It’s a natural given between any two imperfect human beings.

Yet there are instances when it’s more than a rough road and one has to self-protect.

There are red flags to consider to have an informed decision.

For example, you can know it’s time to leave when your partner keeps abusing, cheating, lying or refusing to reasonably communicate with you.

Such kind of relationship, especially when it’s persistent, stops or blocks your personal growth as a human being. You see your self stagnant and losing your identity.

Sadly, all these can actually lead you to suffer illness - both physical and non-physical.

I’m not saying to immediately end your relationship if this is the case. Each person or situation is unique.

You need help to think well. And make appropriate, healing choices.

Get that help ... before it gets too late for you - personally and relationally.

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