A Financially-Dependent Wife and Tough Love

”Straighten up or leave,” says Mary to her husband Don. He left. And things still worked out beautifully for her.

Prior to that, Mary didn’t have the confidence. Her husband was unfaithful and she was miserable. She feared confronting him because she’s dependent upon him for finances and security.

Being a Christian, she asked God to give her courage and strength to carry it out - what she said to Don. She took her self respect back and trusted God to provide for her and their children.

Sure it hurt, for he left. But she found emergency financial arrangements to tide her and the children over for the long haul, and a business that prospered her eventually.

Separation placed Mary in an arena in which she can develop a new and better understanding of her self and hidden gifts. It was not an end, but only the beginning!

Marriage therapist and author, Dr. James Dobson, calls Mary’s brave step “Love must be tough.” It made her at peace as she took a stand for truth and obeyed God.

Living with an unfaithful spouse or a broken home is never ideal. But then, much of life must be lived in less than ideal circumstances.

Be positive. Hopeful. Full of faith, like Mary. Make the most of your time, and what you do have.

As Dr. Gary Chapman put it, “Put your hand in the hand of God; reach out for available help. Let the love of God comfort you and the power of God enable you to be the best possible ... “

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