Just “Do Nothing”

“Doing nothing” can be therapeutic. You read it right. Doing nothing can heal your heart.

Company CEO Robert, a client, does just that. To heal his heart from the brokenness of his marriage and family, he takes the time to “do nothing.”

For him, his “doing nothing” doesn’t mean he won’t go somewhere, sit across a seashore, or take walks in strange streets.

It simply means he clears his calendar, turns off his notifications, leaves his company or social obligations behind, and travels to a far away country alone.

“It works, doc! I feel refreshed,” says Robert upon his return.

“Doing nothing” is making space for your self to just be. No agenda. No rushing. No people to please or manage.

It’s a kind of therapeutic activity that could work to help you see better where your real priorities are. Am I doing what truly matters? How much of my time is spent on my loved ones?

You take an inventory to straighten up. Facing your real and unreal feelings, your relational drama, your regrets or mistakes, and what to do with them. You un-numb.

Take time “doing nothing.” Pay attention. Listen to your heart.

Take that experiment.

Just. You. Period.

You matter. You are valuable. And, your life matters.

Secrets of Your Self: