Sleeping Without Sleeping?

Sleep is basic. It’s one of the most powerful healers of our being. Not just physically, but also emotionally, psychologically, and even spiritually.

Salvador Dali, a noted Spanish artist painter, once spoke of what sleep or slumber does.

“ . . . the slumber which I call ‘the slumber with a key,’…you must resolve the problem of ‘sleeping without sleeping,’ which is the essence of the dialectics of the dream, since it is a repose which walks in equilibrium on the taut and invisible wire which separates sleeping from waking.”

I’m thinking of mental health. And how Dali’s “sleeping without sleeping” can be applied or supportive of it.

In deep night sleep, wouldn’t the sleeping be how a depressed or emotionally disturbed person, for instance, could also be doing recovery work at the same time?

Slumber with a key. Sleeping without sleeping.

At times, when we give our troubles time, such as sleeping on it enough, it beats overthinking or constant weariness in our days.

Healing does not come overnight. There is no magic. And “slumber with a key,” as Dali put it, can make generous allowances to facilitate to make it happen.

Several months ago, I worked with a depressed counselee who kept sleeping away just enough her troubles with continuing dreams. 

“I got it!” she said in one of our sessions. She’s referring to one of her graphic dreams that led her to feel inspired to change her thoughts and behaviors.

It seems like there is such a thing as “sleeping without sleeping” in therapy.

Takeaway: Sleep deeply before you do the creative work of life recovery.

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