Days Filled With Space to Breathe

We know people who have become too tired. There are many things in their schedule. Others, due to boredom, losses, or emotional abuse.

People need down times. Terminals. A supply of days filled with spaces to breathe in order to repair, replenish, refresh.

I’ve some solutions to get those spaces to breathe. You can try any that works for you.

•  Travel to places of nature and do reflection walks.

•  Indulge in the pleasure of naps to store up extra energy.

•  Change your pace with a new hobby or activity.

•  Go to the gym and build health and resistance with exercise.

•  Have a medical check up to spot possible weak areas to improve physical health and energy.

•  Seek therapy and counseling to discover and resolve what “hangs heavy over your head.”

•  Review food habits, get rid of junk foods that harm or trigger negative moods.

•  Join a community, cause, or church to which can help you grow in faith, ideas, courage, friendships, self confidence, service to others.

•  Get “spiritual” with prayer, meditation, and study to increase your vitality and morale.

•  Have fun times with your loved ones or friends in new and adventurous ways.

•  Enroll in a course in the university that interests, fascinates or intrigues you.

•  Engage in art or sport to feel more alive and energetic.