How To Have More Time

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Remember that time is money.”

For him, time equals money. Although I can affirm that Franklin is right on many things, I disagree with him on this one.

TIME, our scarciest resource, is actually more important than money. Time is our most valuable possession or commodity in life.

Imagine. Normal longevity span is around 70 or 80 years of time. Will you take a million dollars of money in exchange for shortening your own life span?

Yesterday, I saw an interesting infographic at Pinterest. It’s entitled “How To Have More Time.”

You and I can find it practically helpful to maximize use of our limited supply of time.

Here are its bullet points on “how to have more time:”

•  do fewer things

•  sell your brain, not your time

•  do one big thing a day

•  don’t be busy for the sake of busy

•  be with people who value time

•  assume things will take longer than planned

•  think ahead of your time

•  stop watching time when you rest

As a psychotherapist, I spend valuable time with people. I consider it meaningful work because I deal with a most important finite resource we all have.

For the hurting and lost, therapy time is a great time saver and increaser.

In therapy, one “spends time to buy more time.” No more wasted hours. No more wasted opportunities, resources, and relationships.

No more waste ... towards a better, healthy, productive future.

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