The Vitamin Cure for Depression

As a psychotherapist, I’d worked with a considerable number of people who were chronically depressed. A number of them were suicidal. 

Almost always, before they saw me, many of them had consulted a psychiatrist who prescribed them with pharmaceutical or synthetic drugs.

Quite a number of them realized eventually that the drug given to them were addicting and had unwanted side effects on their physical as well as mental health.

As Dr. Abraham Hofer, MD, PhD, put it:  “Drugs make a well person sick. Why would they make a sick person well?”

Based on his 55 years of psychiatric practice and research, Dr. Hofer found out that drug-only cure rates for depression are only a measly, insignificant 10%.

Now, do you know that you can cure depression naturally without these harmful drugs?

Dr. Andrew Saul, author of the widely acclaimed book “Doctor Yourself:  Natural Healing That Works,” remarks that Vitamin C Mega dosage nutrition can save your life (

“Physicians giving large doses of Vitamin C have had striking success in reversing depression. It is remarkably safe and inexpensive approach to try.”

(See also: Niacin-

Actress Margot Kidder said it so well too, “You can fix your brain with nutrition.”

With deep work in psychotherapy and physical brain nutrition using Vitamin C and Niacin, it’s hard to go wrong.