What Do You Do When You Know What to Do - But You Still Can’t Do It?

Many people think that our problems stem from lack of information or education.

That the solution lies in gathering more data, tips and strategies. This seems to work for some.

However, for the greater majority of us, lack of information is not the problem. Especially in this digital/google age we’re all in.

I’m reminded of a fellow psychologist who, despite his doctorate in the field, was still unable to make major personal changes over his sexual addiction and marital problems.

He studied about psychological treatment (even spiritual as well) for addiction and relationship breakdowns with lots of books, audio clips, courses, and other material in his personal library.

Yet he still feels powerless or helpless to do what he already knows.

He is not alone. In fact, most of us have a problem like his.

What do you do when you already know what to do - but you still can’t do it?

You go beyond information, data, or lectures. You do deep work.

You locate internal roots ... the underlying reasons for your recurring or automatic self-defeating behaviors. You focus on the roots, not the fruit.

To just take drugs or collect more data is like trying to treat cancer with paracetamol: it addresses a symptom while ignoring the real illness.

You get honest. No more self-lies. See deeper realities, such as a hidden paralysis of feelings of shame or guilt, as they really are.

You go from there to take control of and transform your life.

That’s what you do to start unlocking or freeing your ability to do what you already know.

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