Battling Your Own Damaged Nature

A woman during therapy made this account with much sorrow and tears:

 “We’ve taken an expensive couple workshop, joined communities, read traditional and digital books, have been seeing you as our therapist, and many others. My husband still abandoned me for the other woman.”

Her husband, a product of previous three failed marriages, I spoke with for many hours too. He did have intention to save his 4th marriage. But he can’t help his continuing infidelity.

Intellectually, we may know what wrong or damage we do to ourselves and others. We learn that from books, magazines, digital media resources, and ever-available Google.

We can try to change. But then, inappropriate or negative emotions still surface. Once sparked, they blaze. So we face again an uphill battle.

Reality is, information alone is never enough to win our battle over our own damaged nature. Data just by itself is disembodied.

For wholeness and healing to take place, what we know needs to be “embodied.” That requires genuine application - an actual living experience of internalizing what we learn and know deep inside us.

I remember an incident many years ago when I was in my Psychology graduate school class. In a group therapy subject, I found myself lashing out at my professor and classmates.

They were “shocked.” I, too.

Despite all psychology books and learning I absorbed, I still got out of control. Yet the impact of that experience was significant.

It paved the way for me to really know and change my wounded self.

The incident enabled me to finally have a real “embodied experience” of what I’ve been reading, learning, and sharing to others.

Secrets of Your Self: