Be Aware of Your Awareness

Do you know your mind?

It has what is called the capacity for awareness. When you master it, you can know your mind.

Here’s what happens. 

Your mind can get confused. Overloaded. Environment conspires against you by overflowing your mind with endless distractions.

When your mind is over filled with too many thoughts, it’s surely hard to concentrate.

When that happens, your mind gets muddled. Easily agitated and thrown into imbalance.

You can’t master your awareness in such a scattered mind state.

Dilgo Rinpoche, in his “Enlightened Courage,” writes:

 “What we call the mind is not really there at all. If it is truly something, it must have characteristics, such as color ... Or it must have shape like a pillar or a vase. It must be big or small, old or young, and so on. You can find out whether the mind exists or not, by just turning inwards and reflecting carefully. You will see that the mind does not begin or end or stay anywhere; that it has no color or form or is to be found neither inside nor outside the body. And when you see that, it does not exist as anything, you should stay in that experience without an attempt to label or define it.”

Focusing on your awareness helps you cut through your overflowing distractions, noise, and “mental cramps.”

When you’re stuck and in a state of not knowing what to do, practice turning your attention inwards.

Notice your awareness “behind the scenes.”

No matter how negative, depressing, or dispiriting, just notice how you’re aware of every thought and feeling you’re experiencing. There you may find your fears and ego causing trouble. 

And it’s a relief, as you learn to deeply focus on your awareness, to discover that your mind can have more space, potential, and life than you know. 

Be more aware of your awareness. Meditate. Visualize. It gives you the essential open spaces you need that helps you think more clearly.