Do You Know That You’re an Artist?

Do you know that you’re an artist? Let me explain a bit.

As a writer, I see my self as an artist. Even as a psychotherapist, I realize my self as one.

Harry Noden aptly writes ...

“The writer is an artist, painting images of life with specific and identifiable brush strokes, images as realistic as Wyeth, as abstract as Picasso.”

That painting of the “images of life” certainly applies to both canvasses of writing and psychotherapy work.

My friend, your life is art. You’re the artist of your life.

As writer Eric Booth, in his wonderful book called “The Everyday Work of Art,” espouses, our lives should be treated not as something to be endured, but as “purposeful, crafted artwork.”

Your thoughts. Your emotions. Your behaviors. Your beliefs. Your body. Your spirit, soul. Your works and relationships. All these make up what you put in to the canvass of your own life.

It’s impossible to separate our “being human” from our intrinsic hunger or need for “self expression.” We are all wired to express something, create anything, do art in whatever way we choose.

In my sessions with hurting individuals, there is the doing of art together. And realizing that the art of our lives can be bastardized. By our nature and conditioning.

When how you do art is corrupted, then you experience a cheapened version of life. It is corrosive and sabotaging to your self. To your creative soul. It’s no longer art you’re doing.

Determine now that you must be - you will be treating your life more like the work of art that it is.

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