Little Foxes

Once, I watched on TV the Filipino president PRRD being “rescued” while making an important public speech.

A lady presidential guard had to step in while in the middle of his speech to kill an enemy that attacked his shoulder: a large cockroach.

Yes, it’s cockroach! Cockroaches are everywhere. They propagate fast.

They hide in tiny gaps or spaces to incubate and pay humans a visit even during unexpected moments, to wreak havoc on their health or property.

I’m reminded of Song of Songs 2:15 where king Solomon named another troublesome creature. He writes of “little foxes” that destroy or ruin the vineyards.

Metaphorically, in psychotherapy and life recovery, we’re hunting “little foxes” that damage a person’s life and relationships. 

Keeping these “little foxes” out of our vineyard can be pretty much like dealing with bad habits, dysfunctions, self-sabotage or addictions in our lives.

Therapy aids in catching those “little foxes.”

Steven Pressfield, a noted writer, puts it in another way and speaks of inner “resistance.” It’s produced in us when we don’t pay attention or miss necessary catching.

“Resistance is a universal enemy fighting against all of us. Resistance appears when we try to realize our dreams, just like shadows appear with the sun,” writes Pressman.

What “little foxes” you may be having now that makes you resistant? Are you catching those  “little foxes” to save or defend your life?