Van Gogh, a Dutch famous artist, produced one masterpiece after another. Yet no one bought or noticed his art during his lifetime. No one validated him and his work.

He had a magic: he still kept going even without other people’s validation and recognition. 

Struggling though he may be with his mental health, he was able to bring himself to self-validate when it comes to his talent and do his art for its own sake.

An individual who defines himself through people’s attention or approval finds himself moving solely to please others. 

He acts to please, dresses to please, talks to please, feels and thinks to please those outside of him.

A psychologically healthy person does not allow the words or actions of others to define his reality. 

Tomorrow morning, his critics or rejecters will be gone, and he’ll still be there facing his life, choices, and relationships alone.

Have you experienced rejection and invalidation? From your parents? ... Siblings? ... Friends? ... Spouse? ... Children? ...  Boss? ... Strangers? 

From whoever, nothing matters but your self-validation.

Building your “supplies from within,” as you endeavor to survive and thrive whenever, wherever you are. 

Validate your self. At the end of the day, you are your longest companion and commitment.