Getting Debt-Free

 Are you debt-free?

 If you’re not, especially when  you’ve huge debts, you may be
 specially vulnerable. Very susceptible to money anxiety and mental
 illness when faced with hard times.

I’m not a financial expert. But I know there are practical ways you may easily consult about, read up on, and do, to get debt-free.

However, getting free from a bad personal habit of out-of-control debts, is not merely financial. It’s very much more psychological.

Overcoming shame - mental, emotional, and relational - is an important psychological aspect of getting debt-free.

Make sure you’re able to distinguish between feelings of shame and feelings of guilt. They’re two different things.

Healthy guilt says, “I made a mistake.” But shame says, “I am the mistake.”

Learn to separate your self-worth from your mistakes. 

Accept responsibility. No excuses! Don’t blame others or circumstances for your mounting debts. 

You made choices and actions, it’s yours. Owning up to your choices and actions is part of your psychological healing.

Seek to understand the psychological or emotional roots of your bad debt habit. Heal the wounds that created your self sabotaging money pattern.

Then, with your repair plan, don’t do it again! Otherwise, you’ll be buried in your debts and life-damaging consequences.

If you find your self repeating the behavior and feel you can’t stop, seek necessary help.

Choose freedom. Be wise and debt free!

“The wicked borrow and do not repay” (Psalm 37:21)

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