Know What’s Real ... and What’s Fake

What is real ... and what is fake?

I heard that there is a technology called “deep fake.” It gives power even to amateurs or non-techies to catch images and voices of famous people to produce real fake video clips.

I think we can witness its frequent use in social media, such as in FB, to spread fake news about celebrities, politicians, and others.

Interestingly, the real and the fake look similar. Like in Facebook, information and disinformation can do look the same.

The only difference is, it’s the fake or disinformation that gets more profits and attention!

Nowadays, millions of people buy and even enjoy what’s fake. Fake iPhones. Fake Nike. Fake Rolex. There are even fake brain pharmaceutical drugs!

What things can we believe now with our eyes and ears? The world abounds with fake.

In psychotherapy or life recovery, we need to know how to differentiate between what’s real ... and what’s fake.

Psychopathology and mental health breakdowns are essentially the result of “fake news” lodged deeply into the brain of a person.

The fake creates chaos and damage to the overall well being of a person when left uncorrected.

Accurate verification of what’s real and what’s fake inside our minds then spells a big difference between life or death.

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