Mind Over Money

I was financially broke before. Not just that, I also had big debts in the bank.

It was quite a tough waiting time in my life.

I watched myself learn to overcome certain unproductive money attitudes and habits.

Otherwise, I would not had survived ... and thrived after.

Three lessons I picked up. 

1.)  Self worth (internal) is separate from monetary worth (external).

I can ... choose to feel inwardly rich even when I’m outwardly broke. Have a peaceful, contented, full heart.

To be able to do that, I’d to protect my self from the cultural trap or false belief saying, “I am what I earn.” From wrongly placing my self worth on my monetary worth.

2.)  Managing money is managing the mind.

To make wise financial decisions, I needed to be willing to discipline my self and take responsibility.

Many individuals don’t want that discipline. Money problems are usually just a part of other problems related to discipline.

I read once of a psychologist saying that people who couldn’t manage their money couldn’t manage their minds.

3.)  There is a connection between mental control/focus and our ability to make money.

We do have a lot of control over our incomes, expenses, and work more than we admit or acknowledge.

Money is more likely to follow a person who does what he is born to do. One who has passion, determination and healthy self esteem. 

These mental qualities make a person a healthy chooser and risk taker. The very assets that get one to overcome money challenges in any life circumstance. 

Remember, the best financial formula: mind over money.