Embracing the Unknown

The unknown terrifies most of us. What’s uncertain can bring dreaded scenarios in our brain.

We’d rather be in control of things about our future.

My client William is a successful millionaire entrepreneur. He owns his own company and employs hundreds.

In his business, he can empirically track every little figure or data or employee. He knows his self and world that he built better than ever.

But when his marriage was breaking down, he hated experiencing things that he cannot control. He’s afraid. Unable to endure uncertainty.

Such made him develop crippling forms of anxiety. Since he could not immediately see the result or his destination, he found himself unable to live and move on as fully as he could.

Author Estell Frankel, a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor, in her book “The Wisdom of Not Knowing” explores the art of embracing the unknown.

She explains that the ability to endure uncertainty rather than fear it is a vital skill in managing our lives. Without it, we languish in mental and emotional breakdowns.

Frankel explores the power of treating the unknown as friend, not foe. According to her, it’s a major key to personal growth and living a better life.

How do you make the uncertain or unknown your friend?

To embrace uncertainty, you must first realize one need: to “let go of the illusion of control.”  As Socrates puts it, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Frankel writes,

“What we know can limit our imagination if it is not countered with an equally powerful don’t know. Absolute certainty shuts down curiosity, and curiosity is what drives us to continually improve — in this state, we no longer have a reason to develop courage, to expand our minds, or to be creative.”

Tell your self that uncertainty or unknown is welcome. You can embrace it. You can accept imperfection.

See it for what it is, so you can grow and thrive. To be more free, present, and empowered.

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