Are Schools Harming Our Mental Health?

Based on psychological research, there are 30 kinds of intelligences.

A student may be bad in mathematics or English. But he or she may be good in athletics, practical arts, or social leadership.

But our present school system does not recognize this. It only measures or grades one type of intelligence, ignoring the other types of intelligence. 

The psychological problem created by our school system is, students tend to compare their “success” or “failure” with others based only on the grading of one type of intelligence.

Could it be that much of the mental health problems or corruptions of individuals in our society came from our schools?

Regularly, I get invited to do mental health work with students in the University of the Philippines. 

Because of the high standards there in terms of academic grades, many students suffer from untreated or hidden depression, anxiety, shame, and even suicidal tendencies.

The mental health of our youth is more important than their academic grades!

If our schools don’t change accordingly, the same result appears predictable to continue to hurt us.

Author Robert Kiyosaki said, “Traditional school is useless. School is screwing you!”

Best known for his books, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Fake,” Kiyosaki highlighted parts of his books to practically illustrate his point. 

There it is, we have a situation here. 

Whether in the mental health or practical side of things, the current school system tends to bring more harm than good to our well being.