Are You Deep in Debts?

“Avoid the lifestyle of the rich when you’re not rich.”
— Dave Ramsey

Money is powerful. It can be a cruel, relentless master. Money problems often lead to mental health issues.

Teresa is deep in credit card debts. By the hundreds of thousands. Part of it, a result of getting scammed by a cash-dependent boyfriend.

Although working, her salary cannot possibly meet all her financial obligations, including basic survival. Last time, she showed me an excel printout of how her salary is maxed out just paying the debts.

Each night, Teresa lies awake racking her brain. Figuring out what she can sell ... what more work she can do ... how she can earn a few more hundreds ... and who she can see as possible benefactors.

She started to grow more depressed each day. Crying a lot. And recently, figuring, hoping against hope, Teresa found her self still in the brink of losing perspective.

I’m glad she talked to me. It started a journey for her to keep perspective. To stop looking to the wrong master - money.

When you look to money to solve all your problems, you’re looking at the wrong master. Never think that money will solve all your problems.

If you’re like Teresa, your financial crisis keeps you awake at night. Getting too tired. Struggling to keep a clear mind as it relates to other areas of life.

Remember this: You are in process. Your financial crisis is part of your self growth and development.  

As Benjamin Disraeli once wrote, “There is no education like adversity.”

Don’t let money or your debts take those things that truly matter in your life. You can catch up on your bills. But you can’t catch up on time, opportunity, relationships or health lost.