Focus on One Main Thing

Do you have focus?

One of the things I did before was play competitive chess. I was city champion and a varsity collegiate national player.

I beat masters. So I wanted then to be a chess master myself.

But after my university years onwards, I had a journey of finding my real self. Choices abounded. And I had to decide on the kind of life I wanted.

Life is brief. I learned that I’ve to focus on one main thing.

Being a chess master takes time. Lots of time.

I could spend 7 hours playing in chess tournaments, or 7 hours talking and helping people heal or write redemptive pieces of articles.

I decided to stop pursuing a “professional” chess career.

But here was how I decided: I was great in speaking and writing. Specifically, in the psychotherapy field.

This bears for me a lot of fruit as well as meaning and significance in my life and the lives of others.

In comparison to this, I was just “average” in chess.

I’m not saying though that I won’t play chess again. Ever. In fact, as I grow older, it’s becoming one of my enjoyable recreations across cultures. I also use chess as a therapy tool in my practice.

It’s a matter of choosing my one main focus. One that truly matters.

For me, that’s focusing on my gift, my game, my core competency, and using it to produce maximum impact on the lives of as many people as possible.

Believe me.

If you learn this and find your one focus in your life, you save your self from a lot of future unnecessary trouble, pain, or suffering.

It doesn’t mean you don’t expand. Grow interests. Reinvent your self in new ways. But do it within your one major focus ... within your game.

You’ll be a happy human being with that.