We need others to heal.

But although we need others to help us get well, we must also want to. It’s an active choice.

Often, we don’t want to heal and grow. That’s because when we do, it means looking deep into our selves.

And, we get afraid of what we might see.

Healing is a process of integration. It brings opposite elements together and making them one.

Self that you have will disintegrate unless you integrate two opposites within all of us - both the good and the bad.

It’s a given of human nature.

First, the good. 

You must integrate your drive to do the right things in your life with the issue of not carrying heavy demands and taking your self too seriously.

Second, the bad.

You must integrate your mistakes or failures in such a way as to improve your life in general without losing and destroying your self.

A lot people disintegrate by inches. We keep failing to heal and get better because of a disabled will to choose. 

It’s at the door of the self.

How you can integrate the good and the bad, the strengths and the weaknesses, in your self determines if you’ll heal and grow.

You heal and free your self if you could “UNSELF” and integrate the whole of you, and the wider, fuller meaning of your life.

Heal. It’s a matter of “integrate or disintegrate.”