The 5-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Are you ready for this?

I’d known of a 5-year-old entrepreneur. His father testified about it.

One day, this 5-year-old son asked his father to buy him a Power Rangers robot.

His “weird” father shook his head and replied, “You need to earn money to buy that.”


“Set up a business,” the father told him. “What can you sell?” The little boy beamed, “I can sell Bangus!” (Milkfish)

So the father told his 5 year old, “Go for it! I’ll ask Tito Pio to make you one of his dealers.”

When they got home, the little boy got a piece of paper and made a list of “prospects” to sell bangus: Lola Linda, Ninong Robee, Cousin Denise etc.

For the next few days, the 5 year old entrepreneur sold bangus and earned p3000!

That’s Bene, then a little 5-year-old boy raised by his phenomenal Dad, Bo Sanchez, one of my favorite authors.

For me, it’s not just an amazing story. It’s a story that inspires me as a parent. I hope you too, my fellow parents!

Author Dennis Waitley aptly describes what Daddy Bo did to his son,

“The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”