Surviving Abusive Parents

Thomas had been in and out of the hospital. Constantly slapped and verbally abused by his father in childhood, he suffered psychotic depressive behavior and total break with reality.

Bob was another matter. His mother always had ugly words for him, accompanied by physical harm when she’s drunk. When he got old enough, he left home and managed to make a successful life.

Here are opposite real-life results when parenthood is abusive, crushing, or overly negative.

Why did Bob survive while Thomas did not?

First, self-worth.

Bob was a Christian. He knew, because of his faith, that he’s worth something to God even if he’s being abused and under-affirmed by his parent. 

Second, source.

Bob was able to see the “source” - his parent, who communicated only negativity or outright abuse, was sick and in need of help. 

Finally, self-responsibility.

Bob stood up for himself. He accepted all incoming data and went beyond them to celebrate his innate self amid trials.

Take note. Remember always.

You can survive abusive parents.

The better you are at evaluating your inner self worth even when under siege externally, the more you integrate the negative and positive, the better your chances of survival.

Ultimately, every person is responsible for his or her own grand adjustment and wholeness.

“Negative feedback can make us bitter or better.”
- Robin Sharma