The Power of the Seed

In the realm of personal healing or psychotherapy, the key is the power of the seed.

It’s life’s universal principle for wholeness, health, and abundance.

I heard a problem-ridden husband say, “I’m unhappy in my marriage. Now that my wife found out about my affair, I’m now unhappier.”

He planted a wrong seed. And he expected to harvest a good one.

He had opportunity to plant good, better seeds when his wife gave him another chance. And for them to be in therapy, together. It’s not over yet.

He’s not broke, he still had a seed!

In therapy, the key was for him to “sow his way out” of his unhappiness and woundedness. If he rejected re-planting or abandoned the process, he missed the good harvest.

Seedtime is prime time to his personal and marital recovery. The wound or thorn is no match to the seed.

The power of the seed applies to our finances, too. When deep in debts or stricken with poverty, what we give out there will determine the returns we receive.

As money expert and author, Dr. Leroy Thompson, put it, “Giving is gain, not loss,” when advising about financial healing or seeking prosperity.

Harvest time is not the most valuable period. That’s because the harvest comes from the primetime. Seedtime either builds or destroys your life and future.

Sow that seed. It has so much to do for you and your dreams.

Seedtime! Seedtime! Seedtime!

“What you sow, so shall you reap.” (Galatians 6:7)