Not Afraid

The recent days made it obvious how fearful the escalating coronavirus global pandemic can be for most people. 

There is so much going on. And so much anxiety, uncertainty, and stress about our safety and the future. 

It feels like the whole world is evolving into something.

Anu Asnaani, a clinical psychologist focused on fear-based anxiety disorders, observes,

 “To make matters worse, you don’t have much control over the situation ... Control and certainty are at the core, from an evolutionary standpoint, of what has kept our species alive... When we are uncertain, we take precautions to make sure we aren’t killed or we don’t die.”

As of this writing, I’m in a private home self quarantine for several straight days now since the government-imposed lockdown of the metropolis. 

Together with my wife in our condo unit, we take one day at a time. We pray. We bond. We work at home. We clean around. We exercise, eat healthy foods. We keep updated.

Experts say “overloading on information” while in quarantine/isolation can be one effect of over- worrying. 

The coronavirus pandemic can make us feel stuck inside with little to do but keep scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, or newsfeeds ... closely zoomed in on the potential threat!

Let’s keep the balance. While taking steps to protect ourselves and families, let’s beat the pandemic fear spiral together. 

Reducing our fears and anxieties not only makes our difficult time bearable. It also makes our health - mental, physical, and spiritual - stronger. 


We beat our fears with facts and faith.

As author/minister Craig Groeschel put it, “We, Christians, are not like the world. We’re not afraid!”

He says that true Christians are “NOT AFRAID” in 3 ways:

•  We live by faith, not by fear;
•  We are sacrificial, not selfish; and
•  We shine the light, not hide it.