Do you want strength that does not fade away?

Aging is a landscape that no one can escape. Many of us fear it with all the trouble it brings.

In our 20s or 30s, we think we’re invincible. But in the decades that follow, our bodies tick away in progressive decline.

In the present-day war against the Covid-19 global pandemic, its the elderly who are the most hit. It happens to be so predictable, developmentally speaking.

That’s because, aside from the already deadly virus itself, most who are aging have pre-existing illnesses that compromise the body’s overall immune system or medical recovery.

Science can not insure long-lasting physical health. It can only delay further aging, sickness, and death.

But while it’s true that the older we get, the worse we get physically, it doesn’t have to be that way - psychologically and spiritually. 

Believe it or not, it’s possible to get even much better with age!

Your mind can be better and stronger. When you actively use it daily, you’ll see the health payoffs - both physically and non-physically, now and later.

Most importantly, spiritually, you can be in the “best” pink of health. The older you get, much better can you become in this area.

Although our “outward shell” is gradually decaying as the years go by, we still can be renewed each day. God’s Word and prayer give strength that will not fade away.